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Hey Hey! Our 100% high-quality coir welcome mats are hand-painted by me with outdoor industrial paint that has a built-in UV protection to help protect the design from wear and fading. Each mat is backed with a slip-resistant sturdy PVC rubber backing. Coir mats are 1 inch thick and are only available in 18in x 30 in at this time. 

We recommend that mats are kept under a covered area such as a porch or shaded areas, we do not recommend placing the mat in areas of direct sunlight, rain, or snow. Extreme weather conditions will cause fading & cause wear to your doormat!

MAT CARE: Clean by giving the mat a good shake. Best to keep in a dry area such as a covered entryway, we DO NOT recommend direct sunlight, rain, or snow as that will fade & cause wear to your doormat!

Due to the nature of our product, RETURNS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED DUE TO WEAR OR FADING. Doormats will not be refunded or replaced from wear.

We suggest replacing your doormat every few months as doormats tend to be a seasonal item. Be sure to always check back for new designs!

Each mat is unique. Some may be darker or lighter than the photo, coir is made from the husks of coconuts and some fibers might be thicker or thinner than others. There may also be chunks of the husks in the fibers.

No Shoes In The Trap Welcome Mat

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